Produced from 1978 till 1981
Production run: about 2000 vehicles
By Frank Didik
May, 2000

The ComutaCar was built in Seabring Florida from 1978 till 1981. The ComutaCar was produced at the original CitiCar factory using many of the same body and mechanical parts of the Vanguard CitiCar. The CitiCar was produced from 1974 till 1976. A complete history of the CitiCar can be obtained by reading the excellent book "The Lost Cord" which describes how the founder of the CitiCar company, Robert Beaumont designed and produced the car. After the CitiCar ceased production (in 1976), the factory was sold off piece by piece at an auction in 1977 and Mr. Frank Flowers of New Jersey purchased most of the production line and parts of the factory. In 1978, using the same factory, Mr. Flowers started to produce the ComutaCar. The car sold very well since America was just getting over the second major oil crises caused by the political situation in the Mid East. Mr. Flowers also was known as the producer of mobile homes and was the founder of Electric Mobility, which was/is a well known company producing electric wheel chairs. In 1986, Mr. Flowers decided to sell the ComutaCar Company and ran an ad for such in the New York Times. His asking price, at the time was $200,000(US). His major concern was that the employees of the company be taken care of. I had the pleasure of talking with him a number of times between 1986 and 1987.


  Below, please find a reprint of one of the many ComutaCar catalogs and specification sheets.




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